Road milling machine BOMAG BM 1200/30-2

Road milling machine BM 1200/30-2 is intended for milling of worn or damaged asphalt. Despite the enormity of the structure and heavy weight, the car has good maneuverability, which allows it to carry out surface treatment even on small construction sites, as well as the repair and reconstruction of roads and highways within the city […]

Road milling machine BOMAG BM 1000/30-2

Mill BM 1000/30-2 is designed for selective milling of worn-out road surface. A distinctive feature of the machine is good maneuverability in tight spaces, which allows its use in the repair of country roads, city highways, road sections with circular motion. Large milling depth and Central location the milling rotor ensure high surface quality along […]

Road milling machine BOMAG BM 500/15

Road milling machine BM 500/15 used for layer-by-layer removing pavement surface of roads, bridges, squares and other construction facilities at their repair or reconstruction. With new cars cleaned potholes and bumps, wear areas of the coating. After surface treatment, road cutter immediately is the possibility of laying a new asphalt layer. New model is equipped […]

Scania will show in Hannover hybrid on rapeseed oil

Swedish Scania differs from its competitors by its special vision. And if the rest of the representatives of the “big seven” is preparing for the upcoming exhibition in Hanover electric trucks in Scania asset — unusual hybrids. At the exhibition in Hannover 2008, the hybrids were at almost every stand At the exhibition in Hannover […]

The buses at IAA: diesel — in the Park!

At the IAA, I came across a sign with a crossed out inscription Diesel. It was a reflection of the entire exhibition: traditional techniques with internal combustion engines on the stands less. This is especially felt in the segment of passenger transport — even in Moscow I recently rode the buses. And at the exhibition […]

Van Hino 500 51226 GD8JMTA-QHR

Model: Hino 500 51226 GD8JMTA-QHR The beginning of sales in Russia: 2009 The price of the base model: 2 709 180 RUB. The price of the model with isothermal van: 3 124 900 RUB. I had the opportunity to test representative truck division of Toyota Hino 500 with GVW of 12 tons. For the simplicity […]

Review bauma CTT RUSSIA 2018

Luidor-Tuning Another direction of the company “Luidor-Tuning” – installation of the CMU on a different chassis. Logically, it all started with the popular use of “Gazon NEXT”, which perfectly set the manipulator UNIC 374. 4-section boom is designed to lift cargo 3030 kg at radius 2.6 m and 480 kg to a maximum working radius […]

Scale model ZIL-49061

Under the wing of a blue bird. Scale model ZIL-49061 “Blue bird” by DIP models. The appearance in the 43rd scale of ZIL-49061, nicknamed “blue bird” because of the blue color and its purpose in time to come to the aid of people – a unique phenomenon. Few manufacturers undertake to copy such a complex […]

Tank truck vacuum AB-5-01-MAN

Chassis Base chassis MAN TGL 12.180 Wheel formula 4×2 Tank Tank capacity, m3 5 The thickness of the tank wall, mm 5 The tank material St3 (carbon steel) The cross section of the tank round Design features of the tank Rigidity The tank has internal baffles and outer frames Hydraulic system opening rear bottoms Two […]