Bulldozer T-170 CHTZ designed to support increased needs of construction and agriculture. Different from the previous tractors T series high power and performance as well as decent traction. At the time, had a huge number of advantages, which are in demand at present. Let’s take a closer look at the pattern of machinery.

The purpose of the bulldozer T-170

The first tractor bulldozer T-170 came off the Assembly line back in 1988 and immediately established itself as a reliable, high-performance power unit, which is easy to use and quite “robust”, i.e., has a high coefficient of maintainability. Naturally, all these advantages like and like still owners of this equipment. So often you may notice consider the crawler bulldozer on the construction sites in the form of a scheduler (site preparation) or in the logging sector, where after cutting produces work for uprooting the stumps.The treatment field has become less relevant, but still is used today for carrying out deep ploughing of farmland.

In fact, the main areas of application of our bulldozer are:

  1. Road construction.
  2. The work in the forest industry.
  3. The work in agriculture.
  4. The development of natural resources.

The appearance of the bulldozer T-170.

Bulldozer T-170

Technical characteristics of the bulldozer T-170

As we wrote earlier, the hallmark is reliability, which is due to a good stock of power units and assemblies of the tractor, and a decent performance. Let’s consider the main technical characteristics:

Feature Figure D-160 Figure D-180
Engine brand D-160 D-180
The power plant, HP/kW 140/103 180/132
Engine speed, rpm./min. 1070 1070
Fuel consumption per hour, g/HP-HR or g/kW*h 158 or 218 158 or 218
The kind of powertrain Hydromechanical Mechanical
Curb weight, kg 19000 19000
The chassis type Crawler Crawler
Ground pressure, MPa 0,042 0,035
Tank volume, l 300 300
Width of blade, mm 4260 4260
Maximum lift, mm 1220 1220
The maximum deepening, mm 470 470
Track, mm 1880 2282
Number of speeds front/rear 8/4 8/4
Class thrust 10 10
Dimensions length/width/height, mm 6255/4260/3145 6255/4260/3145

Machinery markings the T-170 is a heavy tractor crawler 10 th grade with a large range of applications in various fields of national economy. Consider the basic components and assemblies in the diagram of the bulldozer.

diagram of the T-170

The diagram shows: 1 — the knife, the blade, the blade Widener; 2 — hydraulic cylinder; 3 — diesel (engine); 4 — hydraulic system; 5 — stall control; 6 — fuel tank; 7 — float; 8 transmission; 9 — coupling; 10 — Board and system carrier.


Considering bulldozer is equipped with a diesel engine D-160.11 (early models of machinery) or an improved modification of diesel engine D-180.111-1. D-160 and D-180 are life 8000 hours service life to first overhaul (which is very good). After the upgrade the engine is more powerful, reaching a value of 180 BHP from the earlier 140 HP, as well as slightly increased torque. Turbocharged diesel motor is capable to handle not only diesel, and even kerosene.Start the engine, like most, comes from the carburetor “poscache” P-23У or built-in electric starter.


In the powertrain applied a so-called chetyrehbalnoy gearbox with constant-mesh function. Standard transmission has 8 gears forward and 4 speed reverse. Transmission can be performed in two configurations, depending on the desired result of the customer, namely whether the installation of Horomerice bulldozer and the PTO shaft (PTO) or not. Generally considered quite hardy, which can not but rejoice!

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system in this technique is represented by various separate components (hydraulic distributor, the hydraulic cylinders, the hydraulic tanks, hydraulic pump) are connected with a high pressure sleeves (RVD). In closed circuits pressurized by means of a gear-type pump NSH-100 is one of the best representatives of the pumps of his time. In the working circuit to filter the hydraulic oil filter element is located.The configuration and location of all elements of the hydraulic system in particular depends on tractor attachments and may be different.

On tractor T-170, it is possible to attach the following attachments: dumps of various kinds, cultivators of the soil, pipe-laying units, and corchevel stumps.

Electrical equipment

Electro equipment of this model is represented by the kilometers of wiring, 2 batteries 6СТ190 for units with start from the electric starter and 2 battery 6СТ75 in the presence of a gasoline starting engine P-23У. Accordingly, the voltage of the tractor – 24 V. Powerful generator of 1 kW has an electronic system to control the voltage of all equipment. The kit also includes electrical illumination and possible modification to the ventilation unit.

The control cabin of the bulldozer T-170

Minimization of equipment and ease of use characteristic of virtually any tractor released from the conveyor in the spaces of our vast country. Here you are not to comfort, but how much space for 3 adults can easily accommodate in the cabin the control cabin. The cabin is in turn located on a special platform, which has a vibration, for some comfort. A decent review, is provided by just a large glass area of the cab.

Cabin standard provides heating and ventilation. In later models it’s possible to install standard equipment. About soundproofing may not be out of the question! Everything here is sad, then everything else on top!

Panel and control mechanisms are quite simple and unpretentious in everyday use. Everything clearly and is within easy reach at the work place mechanic-tractor. On the front panel of the integrated information display system for monitoring the condition of major systems, mechanisms and assemblies of the tractor.


The main characteristic ensuring good use of bulldozer equipment of tractor T-170 is a wagon chassis with three-point semi-rigid suspension with balance beam. Suspension as standard and has 5 rinks, but the possibilities of installation and 7 rinks for pipelayers or wetland modifications of the tractor.

Control equipment falls completely on the lever system, which allows without any effort to make certain maneuvers. To produce a change in motion as to carry out deceleration is implemented by means of the whole complex of the friction belt type. Smooth rotation movement of the proportionality depends on the degree of blocking of the drive of one of the caterpillar trucks.

Buy bulldozer T-170 BU? Is it worth it?

So, is it worth buying a bulldozer of T-170 used? Of course, why not! But before buying equipment high traction class, you need to thoroughly examine all strengths and weaknesses, vulnerabilities, mechanisms and units, not to buy equipment are already highly developed resource. Just note that buying process as purchasing any other construction equipment, not cheap and require a lot of effort to select a more or less decent working tractor.

In the study of a sample of equipment for purchase should be given a visual inspection to verify the presence (absence) of attachment and status. Then, to verify the basic units and mechanisms bulldozer. How it works diesel engine, how does the hydraulic system (see oil drips etc.), how does the chassis, inspect the tracks not forgetting about the technical characteristics and so on. Ask the owner how and where he serviced equipment, as held, when it was renovated.All this will sum up the final purchase and can save a lot of money. Of course for a more comfortable (for the buyer, but at least for the seller) and the favorable purchase option should take care of the presence during the inspection of an expert who knows all the intricacies of machinery. Such a specialist can be found at almost any farm or search the Internet. To find and buy a bulldozer can directly through the Internet on popular sites of sale of machinery, about which we wrote earlier.

The price of the bulldozer T-170 varies from 350 thousand rubles for modification of older, requiring large investment of forces and means, to 2-3 million rubles for the modification of the newer after major overhaul and do not require additional costs.