Mobile crane KS-35719-7-02 Klintsy

The crane automobile KS-35719-7-02 with a lifting capacity of 16 tons on chassis KAMAZ-43118 is designed for loading-unloading and construction works at dispersed sites with poor access roads, including in off-road conditions. The drive of the crane hydraulic, separate from the axial piston pump, which is driven in rotation by the carrier engine through PTO. […]

Truck crane KC-45721

Crane Chelyabinets KS-45721 lifting capacity 25 tons designed for loading and unloading operations on distributed objects. Crane KS-45721-equipped three-section telescopic boom of curved profile complex shapes and mehanizmom extension sections with a single hydraulic cylinder and a system of pulleys. Improves reliability of all crane and improved cargo characteristicci on medium and long-haul flights. Crane […]

Loco-2 on the basis of Ural-4320

Car special Loco-2 (with adaptations for movement on rails) manufactured by NPO “Vector” is an alternative to shunting diesel locomotives of medium and light classes, is a generic rail vehicle built on the basis of the heavy vehicle.A portable engine intended for the carriage of cargo and processing equipment on roads and Railways with gauge […]

Bulldozer T-170 specifications and purpose

Bulldozer T-170 CHTZ designed to support increased needs of construction and agriculture. Different from the previous tractors T series high power and performance as well as decent traction. At the time, had a huge number of advantages, which are in demand at present. Let’s take a closer look at the pattern of machinery. The purpose […]

Loader to-18

Belarusian loader to-18 (Amkodor 333) is designed and constructed by the enterprise “Amkodor”. As most of the machinery produced in the Republic of Belarus, series-18 is characterized by moderate performance, easy maintenance and simplicity of maintenance of components, assemblies and major systems. Loader to-18 purpose and scope Front loader to-18 belongs to the class of […]

Machinery for construction works

Depending on the structural design of heavy machinery during the construction works applied in different ways. This allows construction companies to achieve targeted results in a short time. Today we will examine what machinery is needed on site during construction works. Heavy machinery for construction and repair can be divided into four main groups: Earthmoving […]

Bulldozers of the middle class

The heavy machinery is one of the most important resources for the successful implementation of projects in the construction and mining industries. Today a contractor take on a completely diverse tasks, which require the use of equipment of different types and sizes. Typically, companies invest a significant portion of the project funds in a highly efficient special […]