Loader to-18

Belarusian loader to-18 (Amkodor 333) is designed and constructed by the enterprise “Amkodor”. As most of the machinery produced in the Republic of Belarus, series-18 is characterized by moderate performance, easy maintenance and simplicity of maintenance of components, assemblies and major systems. Loader to-18 purpose and scope Front loader to-18 belongs to the class of […]

Machinery for construction works

Depending on the structural design of heavy machinery during the construction works applied in different ways. This allows construction companies to achieve targeted results in a short time. Today we will examine what machinery is needed on site during construction works. Heavy machinery for construction and repair can be divided into four main groups: Earthmoving […]

Bulldozers of the middle class

The heavy machinery is one of the most important resources for the successful implementation of projects in the construction and mining industries. Today a contractor take on a completely diverse tasks, which require the use of equipment of different types and sizes. Typically, companies invest a significant portion of the project funds in a highly efficient special […]

Test Drive: Peterbilt Model 567’s consistent power, versatility and comfort have made it a very popular work truck

Peterbilt last year seized a record 20 percent of the vocational market – a gain driven largely by its Model 567. The work truck staple of Peterbilt’s order book for the last five model years, the 567 was designed with excellent forward visibility and aerodynamic enhancements. The concept of an aerodynamic advantage while grossed out […]