Tank truck vacuum AB-5-01-MAN

Chassis Base chassis MAN TGL 12.180 Wheel formula 4×2 Tank Tank capacity, m3 5 The thickness of the tank wall, mm 5 The tank material St3 (carbon steel) The cross section of the tank round Design features of the tank Rigidity The tank has internal baffles and outer frames Hydraulic system opening rear bottoms Two […]

Tanker oilfield ACN-7.5 KAMAZ-5350

Preferential leasing from the state Down payment from 10% when buying equipment on lease! learn more options of a complete set full characteristic detailed description configurator Oil field tankers are designed for transportation of crude oil, oil-containing liquids, salt and clay solutions. NPO “Vector” designs and manufactures tankers for specific needs of the customer: at […]

Vacuum unit AKS-7,5 MAN TGL 12.250 4X2

Vacuum unit AKNS-7,5 based on MAN TGL 12.250 is designed for efficient collection of oil, its products, gas condensate, non-aggressive process fluids, as well as their transportation to the disposal site. Tankers AKS-7,5 can be made in all climatic versions, the berth for the driver at this model of the tank truck is not provided. […]

Mining in Norway collapsed by 11%, Europe’s oil ends

Oil and condensate production in Norway continues to decline. In April, the figure fell to 1.868 million barrels per day, and in annual terms, production fell by 11.6%. According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), sales of natural gas are also declining. For 1 month, they decreased by 1 billion cubic meters, reaching 10.1 billion […]