The contract company from the city of Omaha of Linhart Construction is present at the construction market of Nebraska from 1980th years. Then Jim Linkhart began the business, having only the pickup of 1967, the old mini-loader and the borrowed wheelbarrow. At that time for most of the beginning businessmen it would be the introduction in heavy fight, and for Jim Linkhart it was the call which to accept it was more than is ready. It is necessary to tell that from the moment of creation Jim Linkhart’s business strongly changed. Today he owns nearly 100 units of the construction equipment, including five compact Bobcat crawler loaders and the caterpillar Doosan DX140LCR-5 excavator with the shortened back overhang. By means of this excavator complex systems of retaining walls are arranged. These are parts of large-scale road-building and building projects. An opportunity to use own cars on all my projects gives me clear advantage in the construction market, Jim says. I shouldn’t worry about whether I will be able to rent the equipment necessary to me. I buy the best samples of the available equipment therefore my team can work effectively at seven-eight projects at the same time.

Entering on the construction market, Jim Linkhart specialized in small retaining and wall projects. And in 1989 I received the first large order. It was necessary to execute brick paving in the amount of 32520 square meters in the headquarters of ConAgra Foods corporation in Omaha. We executed our first large-scale project by means of only two loaders with onboard turn, Linkhart remembers. After that we found a certain popularity, and our business began to grow promptly.

Later, in 2002, the company established 11710 square meters of retaining walls for the State of Nebraska within Antelope Valley Project. The project included fight against floods, improvement of traffic and activation of participation of community in the city Lincoln. The project included removal from a flood plain more than 1000 structures that had to help to create the open waterway. Besides, repair of 12 bridges and construction more than 6 kilometers of new concrete roads were coming. Linkhart remembers that his team took out more than 150 thousand tons of sand and that it was one of the most difficult projects implemented by his company.

While in 2007-2008 many American regions experienced economic difficulties, in the city of Omaha economic growth was observed. Linkhart used these economic conditions, having executed some of the largest local construction projects, including construction of retaining walls and a laying of a brick and a stone at implementation of the project of the two-kilometer overpass on Dodge Street. Then Linhart Construction constructed a retaining wall more than 2600 square meters in Shadow Lake Towne Center, it is shopping center in the city of Papilion, State of Nebraska.