Today the Russian mini tractors are indicators of high-quality equipment, capable of being a worthy competitor for similar models produced by other States, including European countries. And it’s all thanks to the peculiarities of the domestic automobile production. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Where used domestic tractors

First and foremost, the tractor as an item of special equipment is characterized by its versatility and models of domestic production could become popular and attract the attention of not only quality and performance but also low cost.

Most often the tractor the Russian production are used in private households of civilians to carry small and minor works in the garden and the garden. And this is understandable – large units of specialized equipment used on small areas, is very uncomfortable to use. Concurrently with this, a compact and small power and compact tractors are ideal for such work.

Compact tractors depending on their functions can be supplemented with a variety of equipment, which allows to significantly increase the scope and area of their use. Such equipment include plows, buckets, mowers and other equipment.

Due to their agility and size, the tractor can be used various industries. And with the right equipment and a little weight they will not spoil the grass or the asphalt.


Types and classification equipment

Today the tractors of Russian industrial companies is presented in different models, types and modifications. For example, there are:

  • track units or wheels;
  • a technique that uses a fuel — diesel or gasoline;
  • tractor with cabin or without it;
  • the tractor is equipped with front, rear or all drive unit.

Minitractor KMZ

Compact tractors of domestic production companies KMZ made in the Mound, in a dedicated facility engineering. KMZ model are maneuverability, which is achieved at the expense of traction class 0,2. Such items of equipment are ideal for use in confined spaces. For example, they are indispensable on the streets or agricultural areas. Tractors KMZ there is a front and rear suspension and hydraulic system.

The main advantages KMZ

CMH technique has the following positive characteristics:

  • High maneuverability;
  • Efficiency;
  • High reserve capacity;
  • The opportunity to work in confined spaces;
  • Reclining seat allows access to the battery and fuel tanks.
  • Access to the engine can be obtained by opening the hood.

Features specifications tractors KMZ

Often, the cost of tractors of production of the Russian companies is much lower, however, if we talk about the technical features, the low cost does not affect them.

CMH is a unit of machinery that can be used in the city and in other localities. The breadth and diversity of usage are provided with the opportunity to equip special equipment KMZ 23 varieties of equipment that are simple to remove and install. These and other features of the KMZ compact tractors can be engaged for such works as:

  • Tillage, including cultivation, ploughing and milling;
  • Hay;
  • Harvesting crops as vegetable and fruit;
  • The transportation of goods;
  • Snow removal and debris from the territories;
  • Construction and certain other transactions.

The cost

The plant trying to improve and Refine the products they produce, so even the most demanding buyers will be pleased with the result of products purchased. The price for compact tractors and other equipment produced by Russian companies may be different and vary from 40 to 120 thousand rubles.

Minitractor KMZ

The Mini Tractor Uralets

The mini tractor “Uralets” in the Russian production is one of the popular modifications of special equipment among domestic consumers. Uralets is a special equipment of small dimensions, which is available on a tracked and wheeled, and replace the wheels on the tracks and Vice versa is very simple.

Special attention in the “Ural” deserves a spot for the driver. And by equipment, which can be equipped with special equipment Uralets, this tractor can do various tasks.

Technical features

It should be noted that transmission on the mechanics of different torque split, so you can control the “Ural” is very simple. As for the chassis, this bus is equipped with a wheel-track mover. This allows us to provide high traction and to reduce the impact of the vehicle on the ground.

Features of mini tractor

The main features of the tractor include the following:

  • Good build quality, which was used parts and components of domestic production;
  • Spare parts and components for a long time remain intact and virtually unchanged. They can be used even after 10 years;
  • Excellent performance of the mass balance as well as wheel size, engine performance and other things. All this is good for the life and driveability of the tractor;
  • Uralets is created and completed, taking into account climatic characteristics of the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Constant updating and improvement of compact tractors deliver high level of demand for various models and modifications “Ural” from buyers.

The tractor, producing and design for specific plants in the Chelyabinsk region, can perform many different types of work at sites. Due to good performance, maneuverability and compactness in size of the mini tractor Uralets used in municipal and agriculture.

Popular models of mini tractors “Uralets”

Many models can be identified such:
Uralets-160. Excellent decision, if we are talking about small farms farmers. Due to the functionality and versatility you can use the tractor all year round. The work the tractor can be supplemented by the use of attachments. Due to this, it can perform various jobs, from harvesting to tilling. Also this model is optimal for compact tractors haymaking. This model has only one minus – the reinforced vibration.

Uralets-220. It’s the second most popular technique that is in demand among owners of agricultural land. This model is more perfect and the final price of the tractor depends on the potential or bundled attachments and modifications. The main feature of this compact tractor is an additional hydraulic system. One more thing – this model was the first power in the framework of the entire line. Plus a small consumption of fuel.Due to these and some other features of the modification of the mini tractor “Uralets-220” can be applied in various settings, including work in the field, greenhouse or in the garden.

When you purchase any models of “Ural resident” it is important to think in advance in which sectors and to perform any works will be used the selected model compact tractors. Uralets is perfect for the price, power and features of operation. The price of the Russian mini tractors “Uralets” in the production starts from 200 thousand rubles.

The mini tractor Uralets price

Insights on the subject

Compact tractors of domestic manufacture are low cost, so that they are more affordable than their foreign counterparts. And domestic compact tractor perfectly suited for the harsh climate conditions in various regions and natural zones of Russia.

Despite the relatively small size of compact tractors can handle heavy duty loads. They can also be used all year round. To the characteristics of domestic small tractors include nice appearance, ergonomics, low cost and high power levels.

Therefore it is possible among the existing modifications of Russian mini tractors you can always choose the option which will be able to solve many of the problems associated with the care of the farm, fields and gardens.

Another advantage – in case of breakage of any component is possible without any problems find the missing parts directly from Russia at low cost.