The Tekhnodinamika holding of Rostec State corporation marketed a line of parts and nodes for a complete set of the hydraulic actuators GP-26 which were delivered earlier by the Ukrainian enterprises.

The hydraulic actuators GP-26 are used by the Russian Tu-204 and Il-76 airplanes.

The Tekhnodinamika holding implements the large-scale import substitution program.
The beginning of production of the hydraulic actuators GP-26 for the Tu-204 and Il-76 airplanes became the next step to substitution of foreign products the Russian developments. Besides, the holding increased the volume of the sets of parts and nodes which are released on “MPO of I. Rumyantsev” for the hydraulic actuators GP-25 which are used by SU-30 airplanes and his modifications twice. Besides, as pilot work, sets of parts and nodes for assembly of GP-22 units for the strategic Tu-22M3 rocket carrier were made.

Rostec implements complex import substitution in the critical important industries, including in aircraft industry.
Work which conducts Tekhnodinamik will allow to liquidate dependence on foreign component parts and it is essential to expand technology competences of the enterprises, reducing the risks connected with the sanctions pressure, refusals in deliveries and service.
The taken measures positively will affect utilization of capacity and will increase competitiveness of the Russian equipment in the foreign markets.

“Development of new production in so short terms allowed the Tekhnodinamiki enterprise to become the basic plant in Russia on delivery of the parts and assembly units for the whole ruler the drive generators providing uninterrupted power supply of onboard systems of the airplane regardless of a mode of behavior of engines” — the CEO of holding Igor Nasenkov said.

In 2017 the Tekhnodinamika holding executed actions for import substitution of 52 products and began their serial production.
In 2018 the company is going to pass to full import substitution of all crucial units for the aircraft equipment.