Following the farmers’ protests in recent weeks, the builders are also taking action against tackling nitrogen emissions. On 30 October, the Ground in Resistance action group is organizing a national action day on the Malieveld in The Hague. Via Facebook, 1300 people have already registered as a participant and another 8000 may say they are joining. De Telegraaf reports that  .

Builders are resisting the new rules with regard to PFAS and nitrogen emissions. PFAS in an abbreviation for Per- and PolyFluorAlkyl Substances. This is a collective name for a large number of harmful substances that are not degradable and often occur in the soil. Recently, land containing PFAS can no longer be removed, due to stricter rules from State Secretary van Veldhoven (Infrastructure). With this campaign, Grond in Verzet wants to show how great the need is for earth-moving companies, contractors and transporters. 

Standstill construction projects

Many construction projects have come to a halt due to a ruling by the Council of State on nitrogen emissions. The construction sector is expected to miss out on 14 billion euros in turnover . As a result, according to the sector, thousands of jobs are already at risk. Due to the stricter rules around PFAS, this would become much more. According to Tuytel, this makes working in the sector impossible.

“The problem is that you can’t go anywhere with the ground to clean it. This means that the construction projects are stagnating. When constructing a road or foundation, you must immediately remove soil, “says Jaap van der Bom, director of the Dutch Association of Process Processing Companies (NVPG). According to Van der Bom, thousands of construction companies, soil banks and earthmoving companies have been duped.

In recent months, the construction industry has raised the alarm several times about the problems following the nitrogen decision of the Council of State. The sector expects the first bankruptcies soon, because the contractors cannot start the next jobs.