The PONSSE concern is offered by a harvester of the eight-wheel ScorpionKing model.

Thanks to a double-circuit hydraulic system the harvester of PONSSE ScorpionKing provides high efficiency,
profitability and comfort even during the work in the most severe conditions.

The main attention — to the operator
In ScorpionKing there are best opportunities for effective and productive work. The unique manipulator with the excellent overview in all directions allows to ensure smooth and flexible operation in any conditions. The good visibility on both sides of a cabin serves for ensuring effective work without restrictions: the choice of trees for rolls, a possibility of the choice of the optimum direction rolls and an arrangement of the cut-down trees taking into account minimization of impact on the environment.
The cabin arrangement on the center of the car allows the operator to see well on the greatest possible distance even in the dense woods. Besides, the operator is located in the center of the turntable of a cabin: when she turns, to the operatoyena feels as on a roundabout. It is an important contribution to comfort and good health at work.

The car for the operator
Thanks to alignment of a cabin the operator doesn’t lose balance even during the work on the cross-country terrain. The frame of the car consists from connected by the rotating hinges of three parts. The cabin is located in the central part which thanks to hydraulics remains in the same situation while front and back parts bend depending on the area. As a result the center of turn is in the lowest situation that allows to minimize an inclination and also doesn’t allow the operator to be shaken here and there.

Stability in any conditions
Excellent stability of PONSSE ScorpionKing is provided with its eight wheels and the system of active stabilization. The principle of work of a patent stabilization system consists in definition of the direction and position of the manipulator with the subsequent clip of a back frame in the area of work. A clip of back wheels to the earth and the weight of a back frame promote substantial increase of stability of the car during the one-sided work including when moving the car. In addition to alignment of a cabin, stability provides ergonomics of working conditions of the operator.