South Yakutia becomes one of the main world centers for extraction of bonus coal. In difference from widespread power, it is used for production high-quality by staly. Buyers already queue. According to forecasts of experts, demand will only grow.

Yakutia — known for all as the earth rich with diamonds comes to the new raw horizons. In the republic one of priority projects on development of the Far East is implemented. In the Yakut mines increase coal mining every year, and, bonus quality, with a unique set of physical and chemical properties.

Sergey Tsivilev, CEO of LLC Coal-mining Company Colmar: “This coal can be used and burned, of course, in furnaces. But it differs from steam normal coals. It possesses those characteristics which are necessary for preparation of good steel”.

Coal in the south of Yakutia already got used to be called local black gold. Thanks to the quality it is in huge demand. Bonus characteristics of the Yakut coal is a gift of the nature. But the earth doesn’t hurry to leave the riches. Work of the miner even now, despite application of the current technologies, remains hard man’s work. But mine way allows to extract best quality coal.

Most of employees of large coal-mining holding — residents of Yakutia. But in process of development of the project the shortage of a personnel is more and more sharply felt. And some specialists are invited from other regions. For employees of coal-mining holding build housing and the major infrastructure facilities. It and today’s requirement, also I touched on the future when the enterprises of the company leave at full capacity, and the state will double.

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