Belarusian loader to-18 (Amkodor 333) is designed and constructed by the enterprise “Amkodor”. As most of the machinery produced in the Republic of Belarus, series-18 is characterized by moderate performance, easy maintenance and simplicity of maintenance of components, assemblies and major systems.

Loader to-18 purpose and scope

Front loader to-18 belongs to the class of shovel specialty vehicles for carrying out General construction works and has a number of characteristics and features distinguishing it in the best light compared to competitors.

The main features of the model include:

  • increased maneuverability;
  • easy operation;
  • easy maintenance;
  • the cheapness of spare parts.

Increased maneuverability of the unit Amkodor 333 is achieved through constructive use of articulated carrying frame chassis and hydraulic steering using so-called in the art, feedback.

Front loader to-18 B is mainly used for the production of works related to loading and unloading of bulk materials such as sand, crushed stone, gravel, soil and so on. Also, the technique can be used to move cargo short distances during the main works. The outer feed loader you can see in the photo below.

Front loader to-18

The main applications for the loader include:

  • construction sector;
  • utilities;
  • agricultural area.

As applications a lot of technology, the developers gave the unit-18 a variety of optional plug-in equipment, in fact, making it multifunctional. I would like to note that this variant of the technique is adapted for performance of works in mining and in deposits of fossil rocks.

Loader to-18 specifications

Front loader Amkodor-to 18, the plant produced in two variations with its abbreviation it 333A and 333B. Each model comes with different, but at the same time powerful diesel units, namely the first D 422МСИ with a capacity of 130 HP (95 kW), the second – D-260.2 power a little weaker than the first 123 HP (90,4 kW). Both engines are well proven as the power units of these models.

I would like to mention that both versions have a 4-step hydromechanical transmission, which in combination with the powertrain is capable of propelling a front-end loader to 36 km/h. And if to consider that the transmission uses good tires, the output is the equipment good terrain on difficult sections of terrain. Design feature models-18 during the movement (forward, backward) can be considered a smooth ride.

Hydraulic system used in the loader to-18 dual-circuit consisting of the primary and secondary loop with a pump. The equipment which is the main pressure of the hydraulic system is a steering and hydromechanical work systems (of bucket etc.). The system uses a hydraulic distributor with a simple system of direct control.

It is important to know! The complex, powerful diesel engine, transmission and hydraulic system to allow the special equipment Amkodor 333 to attain high traction characteristics when operating for its intended purpose.

The dimensions of the equipment shown in the photo below.

The dimensions of the loader to-18

The main technical characteristics of the truck-18 is given in the table below.

Feature Figure
Total weight, t 10,5
Maximum lifting capacity, t 3,4
Maximum speed, km/h 36
Engine type Diesel
The power plant, HP/kW 130/95 or 123/90,4
Fuel consumption per hour, l/Mach.-hour Of 8.2 or 9.5
Bucket capacity, m3 1,9
Vylivnoi force of the bucket, t 10,5
Turning radius, m 5,6
Transmission hydromechanical
The chassis type Wheel
Tank volume, l 215
Volume of hydraulic tank, l 110
Track width, m 1,93
Implement width, m 2,5
Long aggregate, m 7
Unit height, m 3,4

Used Amkodor-18 cabin in comparison with analogues (competitors) is comfortable and includes such important data as:

  • FOPS protection of working personnel from falling objects;
  • ROPS automatically protecting the operator of the forklift rollover.

For operator comfort front loader installed heater and fan, and as an additional option you can enable and air conditioning.

Optional equipment loader-18

The main working equipment of loader to-18 is considered a front bucket with a volume of almost 2 cubic metres and a payload of 3,400 pounds. Which is very good, but designer company Amkodor has developed a list of additional equipment which can be used as the main.

Let’s look at some additional equipment which can be purchased together with the main. Such equipment include:

  1. Bulldozer or rotary dumps.
  2. Loader bucket with a capacity of 1,5; 2,3; 3 m3.
  3. Crane (without using block).
  4. Foot or jeleznoi seizures.
  5. Forks for loading/unloading.
  6. Stacker for selimoski.
Front loader Amkodor 333

Insights on the subject material

Loader to-18 is a special equipment which truly deserve the customers ‘ trust in Russia and in foreign countries. Their performance and capacity with additional equipment allow to perform the whole complex of works in any weather conditions situation. Not expensive to maintain and repair, are reasonably reliable and a good time to failure with a simple operation of the systems and assemblies of the truck.