Car special Loco-2 (with adaptations for movement on rails) manufactured by NPO “Vector” is an alternative to shunting diesel locomotives of medium and light classes, is a generic rail vehicle built on the basis of the heavy vehicle.A portable engine intended for the carriage of cargo and processing equipment on roads and Railways with gauge width 1520 mm, also for use as a tractive vehicle during shunting works on Railways with rolling stock weighing from 500 to 1,000 tons (depending on the technological biases).

The transport base locomobile Loco-2 chassis Ural 4320 (5557). Standard body – side platform (useful length of…mm 3660 4400). This car is equipped with engine YAMZ-536Equipment for movement on rails includes the front and rear of the truck to hold on the rails, hydraulic system, electrohydraulic control system of a rail move.

Applicability of portable engine Loco-2:

  • Construction and maintenance of railway and tram ways different rut;
  • Use as tractor: can pull up to 1000 tons at a speed of 80 km/h;
  • The carrying out of shunting works;
  • Repair of contact networks;
  • Freight large volumes;
  • Assistance in disaster management;
  • Transportation of repair crews, etc.

The advantages of steam engines before shunting locomotives:

  • Cost efficiency and fast ROI: reduced operating costs by 50-80%;
  • Versatility: for repairs does not require a special DEPOT;
  • Efficiency: the solution of problems towing and maneuvering, independent of the condition and load of train paths and schedules by route to work and back not on the railway, and automotive.
  • Versatility: the use of steam engines as truck, repair, diagnostic and linear rail vehicles.
  • The possibility of using steam engines to clear paths of snow in winter and the surrounding areas, from branches of trees and shrubs in the summer.
  • No restrictions to use: controlled by a regular driver and travels on public roads.

Basic equipment of portable engine Loco-2

  • The device for movement on rail tracks.
  • Steering-wheel lock.
  • Lighting of the railway.
  • Train sound signal.

At the customer’s request, installation of additional equipment:

  • Craniomandibular installation;
  • Front automatic coupling device SA-3;
  • Front blade;
  • Front cleansing brush.
Length, mm 9960…10535
Width, mm 2550
Height, mm 3410
Weight parameters and load:
Curb weight, kg 9230…11830
Full weight, kg 20325
Maximum speed:
on highways, km/h 90
– on the railroad, km/h, not more 30
Minimal radius of passable curves on the railroad, m 40
Greatest permissible trailer weight on the rail/ road t 1000
Type Turboatom diesel with air cooling YAMZ 536
The number and arrangement of cylinders 6 inline
Working volume, l 6,65
Compression 17,5
Maximum power, kW (HP)* 176,5 (240) … 229 (311,5)
Maximum torque, Nm (минֿ1) 900 (1300…1600) … 1226 (1300…1600)
Gearbox (make, type) Automatic transmission Allison 3000 series
Tires ID-304 y-4 12.00 R20
Equipment train speed Front and rear rail trucks, rear automatic coupler device SA-3, brakes W/e speed