The rapid development of modern agricultural equipment due to the progress of mankind in many industries. Material and food consumption from year to year increases. Therefore, a large contribution to the food basket makes domestic agriculture and the modern agro-industrial complex needs a number of to cope with the tasks. Its effectiveness depends on the equipment, specialized machinery and, of course, accessories.

At this point, time-efficient agricultural machinery and equipment is a whole set of special developed technical tools and systems, which is designed to significantly ease heavy physical labor due to almost complete automation of operations and to increase the performance of certain units. In other words, innovative equipment used in agriculture, allows for more work in continuing costs. The productivity is significantly increased.

the modern agricultural machinery

Types of agricultural machinery and equipment

So, used today advanced equipment and related technological equipment for the production of agricultural operations are divided into three type, each type includes a list of works and technological processes for its agricultural equipment. Modern agriculture is divided into 3 types, namely:

  1. Machinery and tractors for soil preparation before sowing, pre-treatment and directly pseudogravity (plowing, bronirovanie, planting, sowing, etc.). Freight. Used equipment such as, harrows, , planting units and…
  2. Specialized equipment and assemblies for timely care potawamie planting is the Hillers, fertilizer spreaders, sprinkler systems, thinner, systems for inter-row cultivation and pruning. Freight and tractor equipment for actuator and stationary units and technical systems.
  3. Machinery for harvesting, seeding, forage harvesting, usually a variety of combine harvesters, mowers and machines for transportation of goods.

Of course the are a variety of auxiliary machines, which in turn are responsible for the water supply field, loaders and unloader, equipment for post-harvest processing and preparation of various noble crops and raw materials technique to bring up to standards of roads and Federal highways after the passage of tractors and other (dirt removal).

Modern agricultural holding and includes all types of agricultural machinery and equipment — this allows the least cost to perform the assigned tasks in a timely manner and to achieve the best results through the use of innovative technologies.

Manufacturers of agricultural equipment

In parallel with the development of modern agricultural sector has successfully promoted and domestic production enterprises and companies manufacturing modern high-performance agricultural machinery, demand for which is increasing from year to year. Our country, in fact, is one of the most important players among the other competitors to supply the market not only high-quality spare parts and accessories, but also the productive machinery, and modern equipment for use in agriculture.

Russian developers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment – dozens of major factories producing their conveyors a modern high-performance machines and units for soil treatment, maintenance of crops and equipment for harvesting. Example: Rostselmash.

Of course, behind our neighbours, namely the Belarusian producers. They have proven themselves in the production of small-sized tractors and spare parts. Example: Minsk Tractor works (MTZ).

Well established American, Italian, German and Finnish manufacturers producing expensive but really reliable and effective technique. Example: John Deere, Claas, Valtra, New Holland, AGCO.

How can we not speak about our partners from the people’s Republic of China, which, in fact, occupied the broadest niche, and it is indeed very popular in the market of agricultural producers. Are relatively inexpensive equipment of good quality. Example: Xingtai, Forte.