The mining sector, as the main supplier of raw materials, is the basis for the development of many industries. For development of most types of solid minerals applies the open method. Drilling blast holes, in turn, is one of the main technological processes.

The process of drilling represents an operation to destroy rocks and extraction of cuttings from the well. The destruction efficiency largely depends on the design of the bit and cleaning the borehole from the system of transportation of the drilling detail.

Forecasts of annual drilling volumes in the coming years more than 60 million meters of wells. The development of such volumes will require the use of a large number of high-performance drilling rigs. Annual operating costs for drilling blast holes can reach 6 billion.

It is important that you choose the rig must comply with the specific conditions of the career (temperature, species, etc.) to achieve the highest possible economic efficiency. For example, coal deposits are characterized by complex mining and geological conditions of occurrence and structure of covering arrays. Practice shows that in such conditions, optimum application of technology in rotary drilling, and the use of machines combined with different types of drilling tools and purification methods.At mines where you want after the explosion, to obtain more uniform on the fractional composition of the material and without pereselenie, for example, gravel pits, use a tight grid blasting at lower diameters of the wells from 105 to 160 mm.

Among the manufacturers of the most advanced drilling equipment, particularly the company Atlas Copco (2018 manufacturer name changed to Epiroc). In the basis of functioning of these rigs – hydrofolate drives all systems when using the single primary diesel engine, which drives the compressor and pumping station, and pumping station, in turn, feeds the main drives of the machine. Drilling rigs Atlas Copco differ in maneuverability, mobility, does not require connection to the electrical network, the main drilling operations are mechanized.The advantages of these machines is the high level of reliability, performance, efficiency, adaptability to the working conditions and the availability of the service.

Machines Atlas Copco for drilling from the surface is removed, the quality of rock drilling to a new level. The low cost of ton of rock is achieved through increased productivity, more direct wells, and improved overall techno-economic performance. Lineup crawler rigs presented by several models, which are ideal for drilling in open mines.

There are several basic types of drilling: premodern, Atlas Copco’s patented COPROD system, and immersion method. The unique setting allows the drill to SmartRig more technologically sophisticated wells with low power consumption and improved productivity.

Drilling method top hydropercussion machine
The classical method of drilling a hydropercussion machine has a high rate of speed drilling in good conditions, so the company Atlas Copco continuously develops this method. A comprehensive study on the topic of how to transfer the impact energy on the drill head most effectively and with the least impact, has led to the creation of a new generation of drilling rigs.The developers have focused their efforts on a key component of the rig – hydropercussion machine, optimum length, weight and geometry which provided a higher drilling speed (the effect is based on the fact that with each stroke breaks more rock). In addition, the system of double damping reduces the load on components, that provides long life and reduces the wear of the rod. In other words, the positive results of faster drilling are not supplemented by increased costs associated with the wear of the drilling rods.

The Coprod drilling system
The Coprod system combines the speed of the air percussion method of drilling with precision and a long service life submersible method. Within each rigid tube with a thread placed shock rope, equipped with supporting lugs designed to hold it in the socket. The so-called coprod sections are connected through other connection pipes. As other connections transmit only torque and drive speed, the shock load on the thread is minimal negative effect of impact energy on the thread thus completely eliminated. As a result, highly efficient power with minimal wear.The outer pipes are smooth and glide over the entire length of the drill string, which virtually eliminates jamming. In General, the method Coprod provides excellent General technical and economic indicators, in particular, in large-scale drilling on clearing mines and in drilling in the pounded rocks or other challenging conditions.

Method submersible drilling (DTH)
Drilling rigs submersible drilling easy to operate and maintain. This method provides a reliable way of drilling both hard and soft, solid, and fractured or shattered rock, with the use of percussion hammer, which transmits the impact energy on the drill head unscathed. Superficial, deep or long wells are drilled with small changes in performance, and the body of the projectile and rigid connections provide precise direction to minimize variations in the well.Using this method can be optimized drilling and blasting operations, as well as the consumption of explosives for increasing the pliability of the breed at less cost metre drilled rock. Optimized annulus between pipes and borehole wall ensures efficient cleaning of the well in almost any breed-including long or deep wells or wells filled with water. Submersible drilling method is often used in the exploration of mineral deposits.The facility uses a pneumatic reciprocating firing pin, which force pushes the heavy drilling head into the rock. The drill head is hollow, solid steel and has a tungsten carbide drills about 20 mm thick, distinguished from the steel frame as “button”. Tungsten button is the blade of the drill head. Crushed rock is blown out and collected from the surface. The air or mixture of air and foam lift the cuttings breed.