The crane automobile KS-35719-7-02 with a lifting capacity of 16 tons on chassis KAMAZ-43118 is designed for loading-unloading and construction works at dispersed sites with poor access roads, including in off-road conditions.

The drive of the crane hydraulic, separate from the axial piston pump, which is driven in rotation by the carrier engine through PTO.

The PTO is made from the chassis engine via the transmission. Crane mechanisms have individual drive with independent control of hydraulic motors and cylinders. Maybe a combination of crane operations.

The hydraulic system allows smooth control of the crane mechanisms in a broad range of regulation of speeds of working operations.

The crane is equipped with three-section telescopic boom length, 8-18 m and the hydraulic outrigger feet with retractable support beams.

Safe operation of the crane provides a range of devices, including microprocessor load limiter with digital display parameters on the display in the cab.

The device is in automatic mode shall protect the crane against overloading and overturning, equipped with a system coordinate protection of the crane required to work in cramped conditions, has a built-in fixing device characteristics – the “Black box” and integrated protection of the crane from a dangerous voltage to work near power lines.

Model KS-35719-7-02
Maximum capacity, t/radius, m 16/3,2
Maximum load moment, t·m 51,2
Maximum height of hook lifting, m
– with main boom 18,0 m 18,4
– with main boom and jib 7.5 m 26
Maximum lowering depth of hook from the ground level, m
– boom 8.0 m, 5.0 m departure, reeving 6 times 11
Boom length, m 8-18
Lifting speed-lowering, m/min
– nominal (with the load up to 16.0 t) 7,0
– increased (with a load up to 4.5 t) 14,0
– maximum (multiplicity of pulley 1) 40,0
The rate of landing cargo, m/min 0,3
The frequency of rotation of the rotary part, rpm 0,4-2
The weight at which allowed extension boom sections, t 2,5
Weight of crane in transport position, kg
– with main boom 19000
– with main boom and jib 19300
The size of the support contour along x across of chassis ‘ axis, mm 4300×5200
The dimensions of the crane in transport position, mm (length x width x height) 10100×2500×3700
Operating temperature, °C from -40 to +40
The speed of movement of the crane, km/h up to 60
Base chassis
Model KAMAZ-43118