Manfred Leitner, member of the Board of Governors of the Austrian company OMV, which is a partner of the Russian corporation Gazprom for the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 construction project, spoke about an alternative pipeline route bypassing Denmark.

According to Leitner, changing the route of the gas pipeline will lead to additional costs, but the total cost of the project may not change.

As noted by the representative of OMV, it can be € 9.5 billion.

Earlier, Danish Prime Minister Lars Luke Rasmussen said that the country intends to delay the construction of the “Nord Stream – 2”.

Later, Nord Stream 2 AG, which is the operator of the project, did not rule out that the pipeline could be built around Denmark.

Member of the Federation Council Franz Klintsevich in a conversation with the FAN commented on this opportunity.

What Senator Franz Klintsevich warned about became a reality – Denmark’s attempts to prevent the construction of the Nord Stream-2 failed and led only to the fact that the pipeline is likely to bypass the Danish territory. As the executive member of the board of directors of the Austrian oil and gas company OMV (partner of Gazprom) Manfred Leitner told a press conference, the project company of the future Nord Stream 2 AG gas pipeline developed an alternative route for laying the gas pipeline. “Nord Stream-2”, which will directly link Russia and Germany, will overtake the island of Bornholm, which will give an opportunity not to wait for a building permit from the Danish government.

As a member of the Federation Council, Franz Klintsevich, commented to the Federal News Agency, his prediction about Denmark, which itself punished, was fully realized.

“I said that those who are trying to put pressure on Russia in one way or another will not get anything done,” Klintsevich said.

The senator recalled that the United States literally twisted the hands of the European Union to force it to abandon the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This policy was aimed not only at trying to annoy Russia, recalled Klintsevich. Behind this stood the US economic interest: the desire to press the American project to sell Europeans their own expensive liquefied gas instead of cheap and high-quality Russian.

“Denmark was then the weakest link,” recalled Franz Klintsevich. “Other European countries, after reflection, decided not to follow thoughtlessly in the wake of Washington’s policy, but to think about their own citizens, and remember European values.”

Speaking at a press conference, the top manager of OMV Manfred Leitner said that his company had already developed an alternative route for “Nord Stream-2”, for which no additional permits are required.

“At the same time, the total cost of the project will remain the same – 9.5 billion euros,” Leitner quoted Tass as saying.

Let’s note, Denmark is the only one of all countries whose territory is affected by the gas pipeline, which did not issue an official permit for its construction. Earlier, Russia, Germany, Finland and Sweden issued the corresponding permits.