Harvest season is here, and CFI is ready. With a wide selection of dual and flotation tires, we have the packages growers need to upgrade their equipment for the gathering season. From grain carts to combines, CFI can transform your machinery with a variety of compaction-reducing solutions and help your customers find the right tire and wheel packages to boost their yields.

Our flagship line for 650/65R38 sprayer flotation tires is the Alliance 365 R1W 171D load/speed index. This high-performance flotation tire allows for machine speeds of up to 40 mph, and loads of up to 54,000 lbs. gross weight per machine. The Alliance 365 R1W tire has more tread depth than a standard R1 tire. This increases traction in wet conditions and provides longer tread life.

Additional CFI inventory for the fall includes dual upgrade options like the 580/85R42. This incredible tire offers a larger footprint than the 520/85R42, while leaving more space between tires than a 620 or 650 dual setup. Other benefits include R1W tread of 68/32nds versus 54/32s, more footprint on the ground and lower air pressure.

With offerings this good, there’s no excuse not to optimize your machinery to fit your customers needs.