Released Volvo P4820D ABG asphalt paver having potential inherent in big cars.

The asphalt paver of Volvo P4820D ABG can carry out as small works in the city, and to participate in big long-distance projects. And laying in the range of width of 2 — 6,5 m allocates this car with high potential.

The asphalt paver of P4820D ABG is a universal car which is useful for laying of any covering: sidewalks, parkings, drives, intracity and long-distance roads, gravel roads and, even, main highways. It is very easy to manage an asphalt paver of P4820D ABG and conveniently to use thanks to the current technologies which do this car suitable for the most different works.

The compact P4820D ABG sizes mean that it can be transported by one car together with all hinged equipment. For reduction of height when transporting, the roof and exhaust pipe can be lifted and lowered easily that is convenient at journey to a working site under bridges or in tunnels.

Big capacity of the bunker allows to give continuously material and to move with constant speed. Rare stops positively influence quality of a covering. The front wall with a hydraulic actuator facilitates cleaning of a front zone of the bunker without prosypaniye of material and need for handworks.

The running Volvo cart which is initially created for continuous exploitation, extended on P4820D ABG has the increased reliability thanks to the system of an automatic tension of caterpillars.
The design of rubber pads on tracks with fastening on bolts and “eternal lubricant” of a caterpillar chain allows to support the best contact with the earth in comparison with cars of competitors.

Easy management

The upgraded electronic control system of laying optimizes work of an asphalt paver under a specific objective and improves the general control over car, allowing the operator to focus on work.
By means of the manager of settings of P4820D ABG operators can keep and load earlier kept sets of parameters for individual projects, maintaining steady quality of performance of work.
When performing the same works on laying the operator can cause the parameters kept in EPM 3 that will facilitate initial setup of the car and will allow to begin work quickly.
Exact setup for increase in productivity and efficiency can be carried out directly on the run.

The full, not covered with anything overview of an asphalt paver, the bunker, tunnel of the screw and the ironing plate is provided to the operator that positively affects quality and speed of work.
The comfortable workplace reduces fatigue of the operator and increases its concentration at work.