Tanker oilfield ACN-7.5 KAMAZ-5350

Preferential leasing from the state Down payment from 10% when buying equipment on lease! learn more options of a complete set full characteristic detailed description configurator Oil field tankers are designed for transportation of crude oil, oil-containing liquids, salt and clay solutions. NPO “Vector” designs and manufactures tankers for specific needs of the customer: at […]

Vacuum unit AKS-7,5 MAN TGL 12.250 4X2

Vacuum unit AKNS-7,5 based on MAN TGL 12.250 is designed for efficient collection of oil, its products, gas condensate, non-aggressive process fluids, as well as their transportation to the disposal site. Tankers AKS-7,5 can be made in all climatic versions, the berth for the driver at this model of the tank truck is not provided. […]

Mobile crane KS-35719-7-02 Klintsy

The crane automobile KS-35719-7-02 with a lifting capacity of 16 tons on chassis KAMAZ-43118 is designed for loading-unloading and construction works at dispersed sites with poor access roads, including in off-road conditions. The drive of the crane hydraulic, separate from the axial piston pump, which is driven in rotation by the carrier engine through PTO. […]

Truck crane KC-45721

Crane Chelyabinets KS-45721 lifting capacity 25 tons designed for loading and unloading operations on distributed objects. Crane KS-45721-equipped three-section telescopic boom of curved profile complex shapes and mehanizmom extension sections with a single hydraulic cylinder and a system of pulleys. Improves reliability of all crane and improved cargo characteristicci on medium and long-haul flights. Crane […]

Loco-2 on the basis of Ural-4320

Car special Loco-2 (with adaptations for movement on rails) manufactured by NPO “Vector” is an alternative to shunting diesel locomotives of medium and light classes, is a generic rail vehicle built on the basis of the heavy vehicle.A portable engine intended for the carriage of cargo and processing equipment on roads and Railways with gauge […]

Machinery for agriculture and its types

The rapid development of modern agricultural equipment due to the progress of mankind in many industries. Material and food consumption from year to year increases. Therefore, a large contribution to the food basket makes domestic agriculture and the modern agro-industrial complex needs a number of to cope with the tasks. Its effectiveness depends on the […]

New agricultural machinery

Heroes of the Soviet film “it happened in Penkovo” at lunchtime dreamed that in the future the tractors will do: to plow, harrow, sow, harvest. Technique of those fantasies were like tents or alien space ships. And if with the appearance the filmmakers made a mistake, that the functionality of predicted true. All leading agricultural […]

Compact tractors of the Russian manufacture

Today the Russian mini tractors are indicators of high-quality equipment, capable of being a worthy competitor for similar models produced by other States, including European countries. And it’s all thanks to the peculiarities of the domestic automobile production. Let’s take a closer look at this issue. Where used domestic tractors First and foremost, the tractor […]

Bulldozer T-170 specifications and purpose

Bulldozer T-170 CHTZ designed to support increased needs of construction and agriculture. Different from the previous tractors T series high power and performance as well as decent traction. At the time, had a huge number of advantages, which are in demand at present. Let’s take a closer look at the pattern of machinery. The purpose […]

Loader to-18

Belarusian loader to-18 (Amkodor 333) is designed and constructed by the enterprise “Amkodor”. As most of the machinery produced in the Republic of Belarus, series-18 is characterized by moderate performance, easy maintenance and simplicity of maintenance of components, assemblies and major systems. Loader to-18 purpose and scope Front loader to-18 belongs to the class of […]