Road milling machine BM 500/15 used for layer-by-layer removing pavement surface of roads, bridges, squares and other construction facilities at their repair or reconstruction. With new cars cleaned potholes and bumps, wear areas of the coating. After surface treatment, road cutter immediately is the possibility of laying a new asphalt layer. New model is equipped with all necessary accessories to implement a wide range of road works at high performance level.Representatives of the company guarantee exceptional reliability and long service life planers BM 500/15.

The machine performs various operations using the latest technologies. One of the main components of the road cutters are milling drums. After years of research, manufacturers have developed innovative models of these devices. A special system allows quick replacement of worn or defective milling drum. Guides accessories allow you to set the drum in a predetermined position. The special design allows to achieve high accuracy and surface treatment.In addition, machines equipped with milling drums of different sizes from which you can choose the ones that are best suited for the milling of a surface.

The BM 500/15 model carries out the processing of asphalt with a minimum of vibration thanks to the special design of the knives. To during the working process, there is no overloading of machine parts that are used controllers and sensors that allow you to select the optimum speed of the surface processing, and special digital displays showing information about the depth of milling. In turn, the level of depth can be set and controlled through levers located under the displays.

Travel speed planers can be increased during movement over long distances. The operator controls voorspellen with Central control panel, controlling the flow of liquid during cooling of the knives. The chassis of the road milling cutters made of high-strength sintered materials. On them is a special indicator for accurately positioning the machine in the desired position.

When operating planers BM 500/15 the operator is provided the opportunity to work in a comfortable environment without the need for special training. An experienced user can operate the machine after reading the brief instructions. The adjustable seat allows you to take the most comfortable position during operation, avoiding the strain caused by many hours of vibration. All operations under the control of the production process the operator shall, without leaving the work area. Waterproof and has a sunscreen protects the cabin from adverse weather conditions.On the site of the operator located sockets to connect appliances additional lighting.

Technical characteristics planers BM 500/15

Working width, mm 500
Working weight, t 6,7
Manufacturer Deutz
Type TCD 2012
Power, kW 92
Cooling liquid
The number of cylinders 4
Rotation speed, rpm 2100
The voltage of the generator, 24
Battery 2 x 12V / 88Ah
The milling depth, mm 210
The speed of rotation of the milling drum, Rev/min 115/130/145
Transport speed, km/h 6
Working speed, km/h 30
General characteristics
Fuel tank capacity, l 230
Volume water tank, l 600
Tank capacity of hydraulic oil, l 100