Under the wing of a blue bird. Scale model ZIL-49061 “Blue bird” by DIP models.

The appearance in the 43rd scale of ZIL-49061, nicknamed “blue bird” because of the blue color and its purpose in time to come to the aid of people – a unique phenomenon. Few manufacturers undertake to copy such a complex special equipment, and even such impressive size.

The uniqueness, outstanding patency of The “blue bird” and its external showiness impressed the management of DiP Models, and it decided to create a model of this car. From the very beginning the task was to make the model as accurate as possible, in full compliance with the scale. And the level of detail was supposed to be fantastic, as the model had to copy the ZIL-49061 not only externally but internally, with a full study of the cabin and interior. But this required reliable information about the machine itself.

Had for information to directly contact the developer in the Department of chief engineer for special equipment ZIL (OGC ST AMO ZIL, the former SKB ZIL) in the search and rescue service of the air force of the Ministry of defence, where these machines are operated. It turned out that all the machines are manufactured (in 1975-1991, he collected a total of 14 pieces) have a lot of differences between them. As a result, the only prototype was chosen for the model: “blue bird” with a beautiful tail number “100”, which currently serves in the search and rescue squad. The model completely repeats it as of spring 2011, up to minor details.

This applies not only to the color and configuration of the model, but even the placement of the number and order of stickers on Board in honor of rescue expeditions, which had to participate “hundred”. Very carefully reproduced on the model all the handrails and antennas, which even with the surplus – the machine is equipped with various radio systems, navigation and direction finding equipment.

Some words of praise deserve the ventilation grille of the engine, made by photo-etching. Through them, if desired, you can see the layout of the power plant of the machine. Will not remain without attention of collectors such notable details on the model as propellers (as expected, the right of the left differs in the direction of the blades), mooring rings, even a fire extinguisher and a shovel!

All the nuances of the model in one small article can not be listed, and this should not be done. “Blue bird “should be looked at” live ” to understand that it is a small work of modeling art. However, the cost of this model is appropriate – around 5000 rubles.

The company DiP Models has already promised that after the ZIL-49061 will be a cargo version of The” blue bird ” – ZIL-4906 with the layout of the descent spacecraft. And complement the rescue complex auger ZIL-29061. In more remote plans DiP Models and other unique machines V. A. Grachev, created in SKB ZIL.