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Oil field tankers are designed for transportation of crude oil, oil-containing liquids, salt and clay solutions.

NPO “Vector” designs and manufactures tankers for specific needs of the customer: at the request of the client, we modify the ACN for the transportation of flammable liquids.

Tanks for oil products have been calibrated. All tanks have certificates.

ACN tankers can be manufactured in all climatic versions.

Attention! The vehicle must be driven either with an empty tank or with a full tank, as movement with a partially filled tank may result in overturning.
Tank components:

tank (suitcase, 09G2S),
pump stsl 00А or SVN-80A,
fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, sand box).

Technical features of the oilfield tank

A special car is a tank mounted on the KAMAZ truck.

Tank-welded construction of two bottoms and the shell of the suitcase form. The body of the tank is made of sheet carbon steel 09G2S and reinforced from the inside by plane-concave stiffeners, which additionally serve as transverse breakwaters. The tank has a filler pipe. Top of the tank is welded neck with manhole (⌀ 500 mm), bottom — sump and flange for connection to the pumping unit. In order to avoid the appearance of air cavities when filling the tank, air ducts — tubes are installed, with the ends withdrawn into the neck.

There is a loading level indicator in the form of a sight glass (clinker) on the neck.

In the manhole cover mounted valves: respiratory and safety-they are responsible for communicating the cavities of the sections of the tank with the atmosphere.

The tank has a maintenance area with an anti-slip surface in the neck area. For a comfortable ascent to the platform, a staircase is pre-installed.

The base of the tank is made of supports on the frame and is designed for mounting to the chassis. A support joined to the metal cradles that are attached to the frame rails, truck step ladders. To save from collapse under the pillars in the cradle is a metal stand and ribs. Under the support of the tank are placed rubber shock absorbers.

The electrical wiring is laid in the metal hose, all electrical connections are sealed, the devices are made in explosion-proof design.

The tanker has a warning sign “Flammable”. To the rear there is a circuit of camp ground. The 200 mm chain must touch the road surface.

Heating of the tank from the system of type PPU or from exhaust gases of internal combustion engines.
Thermal insulation of the tank: foam FRP, thermal insulation thickness-55 mm.
Anti-corrosion treatment of the tank.
Cases of pressure-suction hoses of the “AKN” type.
Level gauges of mechanical or electronic type.

Improvements for the transportation of dangerous goods:

the tank is orange in color with the inscription “INFLAMMABLE»,
transfer of muffler,
spark arrester,
shielded wiring,
ground coil,
ground circuit,
fuel tank protection,
rear protection device,
flashing beacons orange-2 PCs – ,
fire extinguishers – 2 PCs – ,
sand box,
the box felt,
retro-reflective markings,
mount information signs hazard class.