Elon Musk’s company Tesla announced the preliminary prices of the electric Tesla Semi trucks. The most expensive complete set will cost $200 thousand.

Judging by information on the website of the producer, the final cost of the car depends on distance which it can overcome on one charging.

Tesla will sell electrotrucks in two standard modifications. The truck with a cruising range in 483 km will cost $150 thousand, on 805 km — $180 thousand.

The Mask company gave to clients an opportunity to order special modification of Founders Edition for $200 thousand.

By the way, Founders Series is an image project for maintenance of Tesla which, presumably, differs from standard options in interior parts.

However if it is necessary to pay $20 thousand for the preorder of one of two normal versions, then for the most expensive option it is necessary to lay out the full sum in advance.

The electric Tesla Semi trucks made a debut cargo transportation. With their help delivered sets of batteries from Gigafactory in Nevada to automobile plant of the Tesla company in California. Route extent there and back is less than 500 miles therefore trucks made a trip on one charge of the accumulator.

“The first cargo transportation of the large-capacity truck Tesla Semi on delivery of rechargeable batteries from Gigafactory in the mountains of Nevada on automobile plant in California” — the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk signed the photo of trucks of the company published in Instagram.

Tesla is going to begin sales of the electric Tesla Semi trucks to firms on cargo delivery in 2019. Now the company is engaged in testing and improvement of Tesla Semi. Within testing the company will use further electric trucks for delivery of own loads.