Goodyear Farm Tires, a Titan Tire Corporation brand, is pleased to introduce the all-new Optitorque tire, available in three new sizes for  spreaders, as well as flotation options for self-propelled sprayers, rear position on combines or front position on MFWD tractors. The Optitorque features a wide, continuous arc lug design for superior wear and self-cleaning action, and a rounded shoulder with R1 tread depth for minimal soil disturbance.

“The Optitorque brings together the benefits of two of our most popular Goodyear lines — the Ultra Sprayer and the OPTITRAC,” says Scott Sloan, agricultural products manager, Titan International. “This hybrid design fills a gap in the market for several applications, and offers the best of both worlds in terms of lug stability and long wear, while also providing minimal soil compaction and ground disturbance.”

The initial launch of the Optitorque line will include three sizes, each available in early 2016.

Optitorque 750/60R26

  • Ideally suited for front position on a 4WD spreader, or as a flotation option for front position on a small tractor or rear on a combine
  • Wider lug base promotes longer life and smoother roading
  • Wider footprint reduces ground pressure and soil compaction
  • Large nose and shoulder design reduce vibration and promote stability

Optitorque VF680/65R38 and LSW680/55R42

  • Ideally suited for smaller sprayers
  • The 680 section width allows for maximum flotation while staying within the design parameters of the OE sprayer manufacturers
  • Able to carry significantly higher loads at lower inflation pressures as compared to standard tires
  • Lower inflation pressures reduce soil compaction and improve ride quality
  • Superior footprint over traditional narrow sprayer tires, as well as alternative 620 section-width options

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