Crane Chelyabinets KS-45721 lifting capacity 25 tons designed for loading and unloading operations on distributed objects.

Crane KS-45721-equipped three-section telescopic boom of curved profile complex shapes and mehanizmom extension sections with a single hydraulic cylinder and a system of pulleys. Improves reliability of all crane and improved cargo characteristicci on medium and long-haul flights.

Crane cab has an increased volume and a wide visibility, noise and thermal insulation, independent heating system, lights for lighting the work zone. Crane Chelyabinets KS 45721 equipped with a safety device with digital data transmission.Safety device with digital data transmission is designed to protect the crane against overloading and overturning when lifting a load, against damage to the crane when working in cramped conditions (coordinate protection), from dangerous proximity to power lines (protection against dangerous voltages) and check the operating parameters of the crane in real time (recorder settings).

Base chassis Ural 4320-80M
Wheel formula 6×6
Total mass of truck, kg 21 300
Engine model YMZ-53642-10, in-line, Euro-4
Engine power, HP 285
Parameters of the crane
The maximum lifting capacity, t 25
Maximum load moment, t 80
Lifting height on the boom maximum, m 21,9
Boom, m 20,1
Boom length, m 9,7–21,7
The speed of lifting (lowering) of cargo, m/min 9,0–48,0
The speed of landing, m/min 0,3
Rotation frequency, Rev/min 0,1–2,2
Overall dimensions of the crane (length x width x height), mm 11 200×2 500×3 750
The size of the support contour (length x width), mm 400 4×5 800