The VEGA company released the innovation product — the radar level meter for VEGAPULS 64 liquids, with the antenna from PTFE, having the highest chemical firmness and not demanding application of any elements of consolidation.

In some industries specific requirements to safety are beyond far what is offered national laws. Special requirements to safety are imposed in oil-processing industry, for example, at storage of a liquefied gas in spherical reservoirs.

Thanks to powerful focusing of a signal of VEGAPULS 64 for contactless radar technology new scopes open. So, according to instructions, for safe and fast installation or replacement of sensors, it is necessary to provide a possibility of their mounting on the spherical crane.

Still, this way of installation was characterized by strong signals of hindrances in the near range of measurement. In cases when the sensor was used also and for detection of the fact of overflow, the weak reflected signals from a surface of the measured product couldn’t be reliably found among signals of hindrances near the sensor.

Using VEGAPULS 64 influence of the spherical crane is less notable now.
One more advantage is that the new sensor can be installed on the existing locking devices that minimizes costs of modification and modernization of the equipment.

The carried-out field tests showed that new VEGAPULS 64 is qualified as really universal sensor. In addition to work on reservoirs with liquid hydrocarbons without lowering pipe, the device perfectly proved on a set of other applications both in reservoirs storages, and in technology tanks.